Michelle Craddock


More than a Reflection

Holly Davenport is great at finding beauty in the flowers she’s surrounded by day by day, but seeing the beauty within herself proves much more challenging. For years men have looked at her with nothing but friendship on their mind, and she’s given up on ever finding someone who might love her just as she is - all 215 pounds of her.

Blake Anderson’s timing is perfect, albeit slightly embarrassing when he is witness to Holly’s most embarrassing moment: a kiss to her not-so-pregnant belly in a very public encounter. Now Holly is determined to make a change — except chocolate is awesome, and working out … not so much. What’s a girl to do? Why fall in love of course!

Blake, along with his family and friends, will have an uphill battle to teach Holly that there’s more to her than her reflection.
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Beyond the Reflection

Holly Davenport has finally landed a date with gorgeous EMT Blake Anderson. Not only that, but it also seems as if Mark is looking to become more than just her personal trainer as well.​​

How is it, that the girl who believed no guy would ever look at her as more than a friend, now has two gorgeous guys vying for her attention? Filled with self-doubt, Holly can’t help but think that this is all too good to be true, especially when Blake’s seemingly perfect ex-girlfriend decides that she wants him back.

It’s time for Holly to make a choice, she can either fall back into her old self-defeating ways, or she can learn to embrace happiness and discover that real beauty lies beyond her reflection.

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